Hello. My name is Steve(n) Vaillancourt. I enjoy long walks on the...Oops, wrong site.

Thanks for stopping by my site. Sit down make yourself comfortable. Would you like anything to drink? No? You are good. OK.

I have been a Graphic Artist for 14 years. Many of those years, I have worked in the publishing field, creating textbooks for grades K-12 and college. They were 4-color books, both Student and Teacher editions, black and white ancillaries and other items related to the educational field. Besides page layout, I have created many graphics and illustrations‚both creative and technical. Also, I worked with marketing departments, prepress departments; wherever I could share my skills to contribute to creating a quality product.

But I did not get here overnight.

I am self-taught except for some aspects of graphics software. I am constantly engaging in self-training and keeping updated on the lastest techniques.

I started drawing at a very young age. I enjoyed drawing cartoons. From time to time, I have entered the Art Instruction School "Draw Me" contests with characters like Tippy, Cubby, or Tubby. I won a couple awards, in my younger years, illustrating a newsletter, a library poster, and some prom programs. I am currently pursuing all things involved in web design. When I first started this site, it was a little rough going, but as time passed, things were easier and I discovered new ways to create things for the site and entirely new elements to add to the site. And I am enjoying it!

When I'm not on the computer, I enjoy family, music, movies, gadgets, photography, art, reading, video games, sports, and outdoor activities.

I'm just a GEEK who likes to DRAW!!!

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Young Steve
I put the n in parentheses because my "legal" name is "Steven". But I prefer Steve.